WordPress Tutorial in Urdu – 100+ Videos

Do you want to learn wordpress that too for free then we bring you full cover of wordpress which you can watch on our youtube channel learn wordpress. We have shared with you the experience of the last 7 years and taught you how to create a website at a professional level, that too on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a platform in which you can create any type of website without coding. You are told how you can become a professional developer that too within a month and how you can get a job by learning for free. WordPress is a tool that has 45% demand worldwide. WordPress Tutorial in Urdu – 100 + Videos  How to Create a Blog on WordPress

That means every third website you see is on WordPress. WordPress is built in the PHP language and is designed to be very easy to use. More than eight hundred million WordPress websites have been built on top of it.


According to the latest research, all your demands are fulfilled within Word Press. Our expert and experienced team will give you useful tips that are also free and allow you to learn WordPress quickly and within this course you will be taught from basic to advanced level. WordPress Tutorial in Urdu – 100 + Videos

And how many stages a website has to go through from the beginning to the end and which difficulties come up, we have shared all these things with you and by becoming a word press developer you can do freelancing and also jobs. On our YouTube channel, you’ll find over a hundred WordPress-related videos on how to design all types of websites. They will be informed and also you can get help for free. WordPress Tutorial in Urdu – 100 + Videos.

WordPress Course Content

  • What is WordPress
  • WordPress Install
  • WordPress Themes
  • Wordperss Plugins
  • What is Page
  • What is Post
  • What is Weights
  • What is Setting
  • Demo Data
  • Plugins Work
  • Themes Setting
  • Color and Sidebar
  • Footer Setting
  • 5 Final Project

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What is WordPress good for?

What is WordPress? WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) applications in the world. It is used to create and maintain websites all over the world. WordPress is free of charge, but you will need to pay a hosting company to use it. WordPress allows you to choose from a variety of themes and designs. You can design your website however you want.

WordPress and other similar software tools have made life easier for web developers. Websites that used to take days or weeks to build a few years ago can now be built in hours. But on the other hand common customers are also aware of this issue and they don’t seem ready to pay huge amounts for their website development. They know that tools and templates for creating websites are free and easily available. So if there is any field of earning for web developers now regarding websites, it is branding.

In general, WordPress is a robust and adaptable platform that can be used to build any type of website. WordPress has the features and tools you need to create a successful online presence, regardless of whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or developer. learn free WordPress Tutorial in urdu

Hello we will teach you how to create a professional website in WordPress and they will also teach Step Step inside which you will be the theme Installing Installing the plugin as well as customizing will then also tell you what is posted What happens Edge What is created How are changed In addition to what type of website you can create in wordpress Themes Where to Buy Your Things Where to Buy and How to Apply How to use Word Press is 60% more in demand worldwide Every third website is built on the press if you also want to be Word Press So check out our Word Press Complete tutorial on how to create a professional website for Up wordPress Pay.

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