WordPress Training in Islamabad – Rawalpindi

WordPress is a popular web development and web hosting platform used to create and manage websites. If you are talking about WordPress training, I can tell you how you can use WordPress and how it can be configured. WordPress Training in Islamabad – Rawalpindi

Here are just a few simple steps and WordPress training can cover many more detailed topics. You can find various WordPress training courses and tutorials on the web that can teach you how to use WordPress perfectly.

WordPress Course Outlline

  • Introduction
  • Downloading/ Installing XAMPP
  • Downloading/ Installing WordPress
  • Set-up an account on WordPress Platform
  • Creating Database for WordPress Site
  • Configuring WordPress and work on Dashboard
  • Posts in WordPress
  • Themes: Appearance of WordPress Site
  • Plugins in WordPress
  • Downloading themes for WordPress Site
  • Pages and Menus in WordPress
  • Customizing WordPress Site
  • Add and delete multimedia items using WordPress platform
  • Reply and handle different types of comments
  • Use various kinds of widgets
  • Use menus to edit the navigation bar
  • Manage users in WordPress
  • Installing new plugins to WordPress
  • Customizing Astra Theme
  • Editing Site with Elementor
  • Hosting for site
  • Make money with WordPress and with different tools and functionalities it offers
  • Install Google Analytics on your website for tracking

WordPress Course in Rawalpindi  0311-5559404

Advantages of WordPress training

Acquiring WordPress training gives you several benefits۔ Here are some important benefits:

Easy to use: WordPress is a user friendly and easy to use platform۔ Through training, you can understand and learn to use WordPress settings without any prior experience۔

Website Building Skills: WordPress training teaches you website building skills۔ You can create a personal blog, website, online shop, portfolio or any type of website۔

Adjustable: WordPress allows you to easily modify your website۔ , in terms of sharing your content ، You can update your website very easily in terms of adding new pages or changing template settings۔

Blogging: WordPress is a powerful blogging platform۔ You can make blogging a part of your website and share it by writing articles on various topics۔

Plugins: There are various plugins available on WordPress that you can add to your website۔ These plugins enhance the functionality of your website and provide you with various features such as Formflow, Share button, Social Media Tools, etc۔ WordPress Training in Islamabad – Rawalpindi

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