WordPress SEO For Beginners (Step by Step) 2024

 WordPress is a great platform with so much potential. But if you want people to actually find your site, you’ll need to do some search engine optimization or SEO. SEO may seem complicated but for WordPress beginners There are few essential things you can do to do best your rankings and increase traffic. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the basics of on-page SEO and off page seo for WordPress and how to optimize your content for search engines like Google. With some fundamental tips and the right plugins,

you’ll be well on your way to higher search rankings and more readers in no time. Read to get started? Let’s dive in! WordPress SEO For Beginners.

What is SEO?

What is SEO

What is SEO؟ SEO means ‘Search Engine Optimization۔ It’s a technique that helps you better rank your website in search engines۔

What is your purpose؟ You want your website to come up with search engine results۔ This is important because most people see on the first page۔ If your site does not come to the first page, you will have limited web traffic۔

With SEO you can make your site effective in terms of search engines۔ This will increase your victims and business۔ Therefore, it is important to learn SEO and adopt it . How to Improve SEO on Google 

Why SEO is Important

If you want to get as much traffic as possible to your website, you can’t ignore SEO۔ Through WordPress SEO you can make your posts important to Google and other search engines۔

Through SEO you:

  • – You can improve your website rankings۔
  • – Can get more and more efficient traffic۔
  • – Can help you reach your helper’s goals۔
  • – Can increase the performance of your website۔

So if you want your website to succeed, adopt SEO and enjoy its benefits۔

The Basics of WordPress SEO

For WordPress SEO you should focus on a few basic things۔

First, select your website according to the subject۔If you’re writing about Garding, select the name like “Guarding Tips” or “Garden Guide۔ It will help keep your site in mind۔

Second, use keywords in your posts and page titles, headlines and articles۔ It will help Google assess the subject of your site۔

Third, increase your site’s speed and make it mobile friendly۔ This is your employees and customers

Check your site visibility settings

It is important to take care of your website۔ For this you should manage your site’s visibility settings۔ It will make your site important for Google’s search engine that is important to reach your site۔ yoast seo checker

Some steps you can take:

  • – Update your site title, photos and meta tags۔
  • – Reset your site links so that Google can better guess۔
  • – Fix any Google letters such as any redirect links۔
  • – Keep updating your content so it’s always suitable and integrated

Use of SEO Friendly URL Structure in WordPress

It is important to use the URL friendly structure to improve the SEO of your WordPress site۔ It helps Google and other search engines recognize your posts and pages۔

Use the caviarates in URLs that provide a clear summary of your content۔ For example, if your post is about communication, the URL may be:


Use different semi-use for pages and posts۔ For example, “chat-with-fries” for a conversation post and “chat-page” for a page”۔ It will help Google understand the structure of your site۔

Use Hafins (-) in URLs

In WWW vs. non-WWURL

These two URLs look the same but they have a big difference. WWWURL means worldwide web and this is the address of the website on the Internet. It always starts at http or https. While non-WWW or non-www URLs are detected by a particular domain or subdomain instead of the Internet, such as ⁇ example.com.

If you want to SEO for your website, it’s better to use non-WWURL. It will help Google identify your website like a real domain and its rankings can improve. So if you come.  WordPress SEO For Beginners (Step by Step)

Best WordPress SEO plugin

Choosing the best WordPress SEO plugin is important because it can help improve your website rankings۔ There are popular plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack that are perfect for your website۔

Yoast SEO suggests Matham titles, promotions and URLs for your posts and pages۔ It also checks posts to register with Google۔ All in One SEO Pack also offers similar features and helps improve your site for search engines like Google۔

Both plugins are free and you should choose one of them۔ This is your web

Choosing the best WordPress SEO plugin

Choosing the best WordPress SEO plugin can be a difficult task because there are many plugins in the market۔ You should choose one of the plugins that suits your needs۔

I suggest you review at least 3-4 plugins and compare their features, ratings and prices۔ That way will help you make the best choice۔ Some basic things you should see are: features, user ratings, prices and updates۔

If you are a new WordPress user, I would recommend you Yoast SEO or All in One SEO which are very easy to use and the best

Add XML SiteMaps to WordPress

It is important to use the XML site map for your WordPress site۔ It helps search engines learn about the structure and content of your site, which they can improve the rankings of your posts۔


How to add a map of the XML site to your WordPress site؟

– First you have to get the URL of your WordPress site for which you have to go to the admin area of your site and go to Settings → Permalinks۔

– Then install a SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or Rank Math that will map the XML site for you۔

– Map your site’s XML site via this plugin and Q

Add your Site to Google Search Console

It is important to add your WordPress site to the Google Search console۔ It will help provide as much traffic and ranking as possible to your site۔ To add your site to the Google Search Console, you need to create a Google Search Console account and add the URL of your site۔

This work is very easy and will take only a few minutes۔ By adding your site to the Google Search Console, you can get as much traffic and rankings as possible for your site۔ This will increase your site rankings and you will get as much traffic as possible۔

Improving your Blog Posts for SEO

To improve SEO for your blog posts, focus on using relevant keywords and phrases. As you write, think about the words and the people would be sure for the content on your topic. Us those keywords naturally through your post, including:

In your post titles, URLs, and headers. For example, if writing about WordPress using “WordPress SEO” or “improve WordPress SEO” in the title and URLs. Then it again in H2 and H3 subheadings within the post.

In the first 100 words. Place keywords in the beginning of your post so search encgines quickly under what is the content about.

With synonyms and related phrases. Us not just “WordPress SEO” but also “search engine optimization for WordPress” or “how to rank WordPress site higher.”

In image file names and alt text. Name images with keywords and be super to add to the text as it’s read by search engines.

Sparingly, around 3-5% of the total word count. Don’t overoptimize, which can hurt your rankings and readability. Provide useful, engagging content first beforaying about keywords.

Using these tips, you can naturally improve SEO for your WordPress blog post and help more people discover your content. But remember, the first of the first —keyword seconds. Write for your readers not just search engines.


So there you have it, the basics to get started with SEO for your WordPress site. Focus on optimizing your titles, content, and tags and you’ll be well on your way to ranking higher in search engines. Member SEO is on the process, but with some content office and by keping the fundamentals in mind you can improve your search rankings over time. Keep creating great content, engage with your readers, and stick with it. Before you know it, you’ll start looking for more training and building as an expart in your niche. The potibilities are endless if you put in the work. Now get started and good luck! You’ve got this. WordPress SEO For Beginners (Step by Step) 2024

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