What is Excel? Everything You Need to Know – 2023

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software used for calculating factors. It is part of Microsoft Office applications. One of its files is called a workbook. The workbook basically consists of three sheets that can be made smaller or larger as needed.

Each sheet consists of columns and rows. Columns are represented by English alphabets called column headings while rows are represented by numbers called row numbers. Where column and row intersect each other is called cell. Cells are identified by column headings and row headings called cell addresses. Cell addresses play a key role in formula usage.

Older versions of Microsoft Excel had the file extension (.xls) while newer versions have the extension (.xlsx). While both work for extension related issues.

Overall, Microsoft Excel is a powerful and versatile tool for working with numerical data, and its many features and functions make it useful for professionals in fields ranging from finance to scientific research to data analysis. make a popular choice for What is Excel? Everything You Need to Know – 2023 , Learn Excel 

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