What Is Blogging? Definition, Advantages

Many of you internet users may have heard about blogging, but few know what a blog is or how it works. In this modern era of information technology, the importance of blogging has increased a lot. The main reason for this is that even today in the world, it is important to get any kind of information and to share the information you have with others. Therefore, blogging is given a lot of attention, so users want to know about it. What Is Blogging? Definition, Advantages.

(Blog) A blog is a website (website) similar to a magazine where all types of content, such as print media and electronic media, i.e., texts, images, and videos, are shared with common users.

Blogging began in the 1990s when a college student shared a personal diary of his life experiences online through a website. Sharing has become a trend. What Is Blogging? Definition, Advantages learn blogging course

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