Wedding Photography Course Singapore

Do you want to take a photography course or do you aim to start photography as your profession? We are bringing you a professional level photography course that you can learn to do any type of photography like wedding, still photography, and outdoor photography. Within this course we have taken you through practical. We have a complete studio available within which we train you for this course. In this course you learn about good cameras and lenses and their indoor and outdoor settings, so you learn at a professional level how you can take a good photo. Wedding Photography Course Singapore

We have a team of experts to provide you with complete guidance for any type of event you want to photograph like a wedding. Within our photography courses you are provided with complete guidance on all types of lighting, and camera usage. After completing this course, you can build your own studio in this field at a professional level or even get a job. Wedding Photography Course Singapore, Wedding Photography Certificate and Diploma short courses in Singapore, that will help

Wedding Photography Course Outline

Week Topic
1 Introduction to Camera
Introduction to Digital Photography
Importance of Photography
2 Camera Handling Techniques
How Camera Works?
3 Elements of Photography
3 Understanding Exposure Triangle
Understanding of Focal Length
Discussion on Depth of Field
4 Introduction to Camera Angles
Importance of Camera Angles & Movement s of Camera
Psychology of Angles and Movements of Camera
5 Photo walk /Outdoor Activity
Introduction to Lightning
Types of Photography and Selection
6 Studio Visit
Introduction to Photoshop & Lightroom
Post Production tips and techniques
Display of Work (Project Submission)

Wedding Photography Course Singapore

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