Web Development Course Toronto – 2023

Every business to strengthen the line directly for its development, in which HTMLCS and many skills are acquired. This is what can be done to learn how to create an up-to-date website. These meanings must be applied to the construction of professional websites for learning the best coding within Canada. Different types of classes have been issued. Demand for computer programming is growing day by day. A highly valuable skill in the Canadian industry is called coding. 23% of jobs are expected to increase by 2031. Only in Canada are more than 25 new jobs created each year. Oyster Salary to Become a Web Developer in Canada 80 It’s a thousand dollars,

while senior video producers’ salaries can earn about 1.5 million more in the most popular quarters, such as Java script. HTML, CSS, and Java In Toronto, we can personally force our own online or web development. We are introducing a cover of a complete web development within which we are introducing a cover HTMLCSG Curie PHP My School Database will teach HTML and CSS. What are these two different languages? With the help of both languages, you can learn HTML and CSS, and with their help, you can create a complete website if you can do an online course. If you want, you can visit our offices in Toronto. Web Development Course Toronto – 2023

HTML5 and CSS3

Implementing responsive designs that work across mobile and desktop devices

  • designs to HTML & CSS
  • Layout models
  • Making fors for coloring data
  • Interactivity with CSS effect
  • modern web development
  • Website accessibility requirements

Web Development Course Outline

Course Outline

Module 1: HTML

  • Module 1: Web Programming Introduction
  • Module 2: HTML-Introduction
  • Module 3: HTML-Basic Formatting Tags
  • Module 4: HTML-Grouping Using Div Span
  • Module 5: HTML-Lists
  • Module 6: HTML-Images
  • Module 7: HTML-Hyperlink
  • Module 8: HTML-Table
  • Module 9: HTML-Iframe
  • Module 10: HTML-Form
  • Module 11: HTML-Headers
  • Module 12: HTML-Miscellaneous

Module 2: CSS

  • Module 1: CSS2-Introduction
  • Module 2: CSS2-Syntax
  • Module 3: CSS2-Selectors
  • Module 4: CSS2-Color Background Cursor
  • Module 5: CSS2-Text Fonts
  • Module 6: CSS2-Lists Tables
  • Module 7: CSS2-Box Model
  • Module 8: CSS2-Display Positioning
  • CSS Floats

Module 3:  JQuery/ JavaScript

  • Introduction
  • jQuery – Basics
  • jQuery – Selectors
  • How to use Selectors?
  • jQuery – DOM Attributes
  • jQuery – DOM Traversing
  • jQuery – CSS Methods
  • jQuery – DOM Manipulation Methods
  • jQuery – Effects
  • jQuery – AJAX
  • jQuery – JSON

Module 4: Bootstrap

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Grid
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Bootstrap Plug-Ins

Module 5: Introduction to PHP, MySQL

  • What Is PHP?
  • Basic PHP Programming
  • Server Installation
  • Creating a MySQL Database
  • Creating a Dynamic Home Page
  • Displaying Database Content Dynamically

Web Development Course Toronto – 2023 for special online classes

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