Web Designing Course in Islamabad – HTML5 – CSS3

In today’s fast-paced life, everything is becoming easier to access. Now a days everyone wants to do their business online based on which there has been a lot of increase in website design. Keeping this in mind, we are bringing you web designing course that too in Islamabad city where one can become a good designer within just three to four months and earn good money by doing the job. And if you want to do freelancing then you can do it too A good and professional website designer can design a successful website. This is the field whose demand is increasing day by day all over the world and people are designing websites all over the world. Web Designing Course in Islamabad – HTML5 – CSS3.

In this course you are taught three different languages ​​so that you can become a professional level website designer by learning these three languages ​​in which html, css, jquery. And if you want, after the course you can also do jobs and provide online services. This website designer course can be very beneficial for you. Web Designing Course in Islamabad – HTML5 – CSS3

Web Designing Course Outline


  • HTML and XHTML
  • Elements & Attributes
  • Headings
  • Adding and formatting Paragraph Text
  • Formatting your website template
  • Adding Hyperlinks and Buttons in your website
  • Images and its usage
  • Image mapping
  • Tables and its different usage in web designing
  • Bulleted Lists and its professional usage
  • Forms and Interface designing
  • Creating custom colors using Color codes
  • Frames with professional implementation
  • Formatting text and using different Fonts
  • Adding page information for Google and other webs using Meta tags

CSS 3.0

  • Different methods of creating styles
  • Different Coloring options
  • Creating and formatting professional Background Effects
  • Advance Text effects
  • Positioning objects with different Display levels
  • The CSS Box model
  • Working with Floats
  • Using Borders with different effects
  • Understanding CSS Outline
  • Working with Margins and Padding
  • Professional usages of Lists
  • Using the z-index
  • Creating complex website layouts
  • Color Gradients
  • Creating your own drop down menu in CSS
  • Animations using CSS 3.0
  • Responsive Website Designs using CSS 3.0
  • Using Custom fonts in your website designs
  • Creating different themes for your website
  • Flexbox with examples


  • Coding conventions
  • Embedding JavaScript in html
  • Usage of variables in your program
  • Statements, operators and relational expressions
  • Using Loops (while and for)
  • Arrays and its uses
  • Working with Events
  • Popup windows
  • Creating custom slider
  • Defining and invoking functions
  • Runtime style using DHTML
  • CSS class switching
  • Creating and removing HTML contents in Run-Time
  • Simple Animation using JavaScript
  • Professional form validation techniques using JavaScript (mini project)
  • Creating basic animation using JavaScript (mini project)
  • Professional Form validation effects (mini project)

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