Web Design Course in islamabad

If you also want to take a Web Design Course in islamabad, you can visit our institution. We will give you complete training. What is website design? Site design means you design a web page. Different languages are used, which use HTML and JQuery, i.e., Java script. On which we crate, and on top of this layout, we design a whole website tag website like school education, college universities, etc. of all kinds. We can create websites. We train within this course, from basic to buggy. You learn to do a computer website.

After doing this, you can join the Soft House and become an insurer on web design. If you also want to go into freelancing, then web design is all There is a good field with a lot of applications inside. We are taking a course in six-road Rawalpindi if you also want to or want to take a course. So you can contact the organization while designing countless jobs within the world of web design and then doing a web development course in which customs Databases are created. Web Design Course in islamabad

Web Designing Course Outline


  • HTML and XHTML
  • Elements & Attributes
  • Headings
  • Adding and formatting Paragraph Text
  • Formatting your website template
  • Adding Hyperlinks and Buttons in your website
  • Images and its usage
  • Image mapping
  • Tables and its different usage in web designing

CSS 3.0

  • Different methods of creating styles
  • Different Coloring options
  • Creating and formatting professional Background Effects
  • Advance Text effects
  • Positioning objects with different Display levels
  • The CSS Box model
  • Working with Floats
  • Using Borders with different effects
  • Understanding CSS Outline
  • Working with Margins and Padding
  • Professional usages of Lists
  • Using the z-index


  • Coding conventions
  • Embedding JavaScript in html
  • Usage of variables in your program
  • Statements, operators and relational expressions
  • Using Loops (while and for)
  • Arrays and its uses

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