Video Editing Course Singapore

If you also want to learn professional video editing. So this course of ours can be beneficial for you. In today’s modern society, mastering video editing, and videography skills is increasingly important. Our institute teaches all types of video editing at professional level. In which you learn how to edit wedding videos, drama videos. Here’s how to make a video better by editing it. Many people in this profession use different software but we teach you one software called Adobe Premier which is in high demand all over the world. You can edit any type of video using this software. Video Editing Course Singapore.

This videography course teaches you how to combine and edit video clips, plus you can learn transitions, titles and music and more to create a complete and compelling video project. It is done up to advanced level. With the help of which you can work at a professional level in this field. Video Editing Course Singapore

Video Editing Course Outline

  • Setting up Filmora and start Editing with Filmora
  • Place video clips into Timeline (Video track)
  • Add & Delete video effect
  • Add text (titles) to video
  • Export as finalised video
  • Reference: Filmora online tutorial
  • General Video Production Work Flow
  • Import media (Images / Videos / Audio files)
  • Trimming techniques
  • Add Video transition
  • Add audio – music and sound effects
  • Reference: Common File Types for video / photo / audio 20

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