The Ultimate Drawing Course

He does it separately here, so here we are going to take you on a The Ultimate Drawing Course in drawing. Ultimate drawing course, the way modern is created and which is created as a presenter This course will also specialize in the world of drawing. To master drawing skills, you need a professional-level institute to draw you. And there are all the tools for complete training. This course provides you with all the facilities you need, from having very little knowledge of drawing to making modern art. This course is basic. It starts with talk and is explained to you from the depths of the basic principles of drawing,

in which the creation of one is the most important part of it, and of this course. We will teach you how to draw with raw materials if you also want to learn drawing, which is an art that you can use on any paper. Take it off or draw a drawing on a human face. Explain how it is done, with which, and which parts it is We will cover all these things of drawing in this course. If you want to learn how to draw a simple personality, finally we will teach you how to draw in which step. Step by step, you will understand how we draw the sketch ourselves.

The Ultimate Drawing Course Outline

  • The Ultimate Drawing Course – Introduction
  • Basic Fundamentals & Tools
  • Technique & Adding Detail
  • Cross Contour Lines & Geometric Shapes
  • Basics of Character Design from Geometric Shapes
  • Advanced Forms and 3D Shadowing Advanced Forms
  • Color Values and Shades
  • Adding Contrast to Drawings
  • One Point Prespective
  • Drawing in 2 Point Perspective
  • The Rule of 60%
  • Basics of 3 Point Prespective
  • Replicating a Real Life Drawing
  • Basics of Compositions
  • Stone – Brick Pattern
  • Drawing the Human Face
  • Details of the Human Nose
  • Details of Drawing Hair

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