Advanced Social Media Marketing Course Singapore

Our Institute Social Marketing course for you in which you will be informed about successful social media strategy at an advanced level. In which you are taught how to market on all social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, where you can message your customers. They can also appoint people as per their wish. Advanced Social Media Marketing Course Singapore.

Social media marketing is actually a form of internet marketing, which uses social networking websites as a marketing tool. On social you can reach your customers by marketing your company or brand.

Social media marketing is among the most popular online activities. According to an estimate, there were around 2.88 billion social media users worldwide last year. It is used for social media users to communicate with each other. On these social media platforms, you can convey your message to the customer as per your choice.

Considering the demand of social media you can spread your business easily and with the help of social media it has become very easy to spread any business. You are able to expand your business within few days for few money. Advanced Social Media Marketing Course Singapore

Social Media Marketing Course Outline

  • Lesson 00 – Faculty Introduction
  • Lesson 01 – Introduction to Social Media
  • Lesson 02 – Social Media Strategy and Planning
  • Lesson 03 – Social Media Channel Management
  • Lesson 04 – Social Media Management Tools
  • Lesson 05 – Social Media Measurement and Reporting
  • Lesson 06 – Social Advertising
  • Facebook ADs
  • Twitter ADS
  • Instagram ADS
  • Youtube ADS

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