Shopify Dropshipping Course in islamabad

The purpose of the Shopify is to offer complete guidance on using Shopify in dropshipping enterprises. This training program will provide you the knowledge and abilities to use Shopify’s dropshipping features to build and run an effective online store, regardless of your level of e-commerce experience. Shopify Dropshipping Course in islamabad

You will have all the knowledge you need to use Shopify to start and run a profitable dropshipping business by the end of this course. Note that this training does not promise any certain outcome; rather, it serves as an overview to Shopify dropshipping. A number of variables, including as product selection, marketing tactics, and market research, affect dropship success.

Please visit the official Shopify website or get in touch with their support staff for enrollment and further information. Shopify Dropshipping Course in islamabad

Shopify Dropshipping Course Outline

  1. Define Shopify
  2. What is Hosted Platform?
  3. Shopify Sites Tour
  4. Create a Shopify Account
  5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  6. Add Simple Product
  7. Add Product Variants
  8. Maximize Product SEO
  9. Add Shipping Information
  10. Maximise Categorisation
  11. Add Digital Products
  12. Define Theme
  13. Selecting a Theme
  14. Customising Header and Footer
  15. Customizing General Settings
  16. Customising Home Page
  17. Customising Checkout Page
  18. Understand Shipping Models and Methods
  19. Configure Shipping Zones and Free Shipping
  20. Flat Rate and Live Rate Shipping
  21. Printing Shipping Labels
  22. Integrate with Amazon FBA and Printful
  23. Multi-Location Stores
  24. What are Online Payments?
  25. Setting Up Shopify Payments
  26. Setting Up Apple Pay
  27. Setting Up PayPal

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