Shopify Course in Islamabad – Pakistan

This course helps you earn thousands of dollars every month by selling products in Pakistan and the international market, while the best platform is Shopify, where you can create your own online shopping website. The store becomes a place where you find the product and then put it on your shelf and sell it, with the help of which you can sell it with a good profit margin. Ebay Course in Pakistan

You can earn good money from home by reading sales and order management and promoting it. After doing this course, you will be able to earn good money with e-commerce. Business is very good all over the world. Shopify Course in Islamabad – Pakistan

Shopify Course Outline

  • Why Shopify?
  • Before You Start Set-Up
  • Start Your Free Trial
  • Add a Product
  • Create a Collection
  • Payment Set-Up 101
  • How to Buy Your Domain
  • How to Create Pages
  • How to Create Navigation
  • How to Choose Your Theme
  • Edit the Look and Feel of Your Store
  • How to Edit Preferences
  • How to Set Up Shipping
  • How to Set Up Legal
  • How to Set Up Checkout
  • How to Set Up Notifications
  • How to Set Up General Settings
  • How to Set Up Taxes
  • How to Set Up Billing
  • How to Place a Test Order
  • How to Launch Your Online Store
  • How to Add a Sales Channel
  • How to Add an App
  • How to Kickstart Your Marketing
  • Shopify Analytics Overview

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