Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course in Pakistan

Both air conditioners and refrigerators operate on the principle of heat sinks. They both work to cool a closed space and transfer heat from the closed space to a different location called a sink. The process of heat sinks involves 4 thermodynamic stages. When combined, these stages form an electrical or mechanical energy system that absorbs heat. Both Air Conditioners and Refrigerators work by expanding gases, If you too are a new authority in this important sector of the construction industry, we have brought you a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning course that covers the principles of refrigeration and air conditioning systems in detail.

Air conditioning course that can help you to build your new career We have designed a comprehensive course in which we provide you with all the information about refrigeration and air conditioning and also give you the All kinds of information about the fault and its operation and investigation are provided If you also enjoy physical labor and want to make your career in this field, then you can also join our program, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course in Pakistan

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course Outline

  • Principles of Refrigeration
  • Principles of Air Conditioning Engineering
  • Soldering of materials
  • Component de-soldering, as well as urgent actions
  • Metrology and measurement equipment
  • Laboratory for Heat Transfer
  • AC Field Technician (ELE/Q 3102)
  • Field Technician for Refrigeration (ELE/Q 3103)
  • Field Engineer for RACW

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course in Pakistan

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