Python Course Sri Lanka

It is a high-level programming language used in artificial intelligence, web development or data science. Can do high level programming that too at professional level, nowadays this language is very important because everyone wants to learn this language and use it for different purposes, this language is easier than other languages. , with the help of this language you can design all kinds of programs that too for free, this language has many supports programming methods and within it you can create a complete project and within it you can add all kinds of features, the concept of combining data with functionality into an object is called encapsulation. There is a basic concept of programming Python Course Sri Lanka

Python Course Outline

  1. Installation, Command line and development environment setup
  2. Python basics, operators, Calculations
  3. All about srings
  4. All about conditionals and loops
  5. All about Functions
  6. List
  7. Tuples
  8. Dictionaries and data modeling
  9. Sets
  10. List comprehension
  11. Dictionary comprehension and sets comprehension
  12. Advanced Flexible functions
  13. Lamba Expressions
  14. Advanced built-in-functions/Enumerate Functions
  15. Decorators
  16. Generators
  17. OOP Basics
  18. OOP Advanced
  19. Python Course Sri Lanka

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