Orchid Course -Learn All About Growing Orchids

if you are interested in these beautiful plants, this course is perfect for you. You don’t need any special experience; you will be provided with all the information you need to grow Orchid at home. You will allow plants to flourish and play, which will make the environment favorable and better for your plant to live in. I will be happy to share the space of this course, which includes plant maintenance and video examples on video that are both textual and hands-on for those who prefer to read. You can go at your own pace, and you can also review the purpose of this course, including how to take care of plants when you go home. In this way, you can keep them up to date on when they should be watered and how they can be beneficial for you. Let me tell you the secret: Orchid are hard plants; they are actually preferred to ignore; they grow up in harsh conditions; and we are more likely to harm them because we are in them. If you love it a lot, you also have to know what I like about Fit so that you can provide such an environment at home. then the course is best for you Orchid Course -Learn All About Growing Orchids

Orchid Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Orchid Species
    • Plant Names and the System for Naming Orchids
    • Orchid sub families and tribes
    • Plant Name Pronunciation
    • Orchid Plant structure.
    • Resources
    • Terminology
  • Culture
    • Overview of Growing Orchids
    • Guidelines; temperature, light, humidity, ventilation, watering, feeding, potting mixes
    • Growing Cattleyas
    • Substrates for Geophytes and Epiphytes
    • Understanding Soils; texture, pH, nutrient availability, fertility,
    • Mycorrhiza and Orchids
    • Propagating and Potting Media
    • Nutrients and Nutrition
    • Plant Health; orchid pests, orchid diseases, other problems
    • Pruning Orchids
    • Watering Orchids
  • Propagation
    • Sexual vs. asexual propagation
    • Asexual Propagating sympodial Orchids
    • Asexual Propagation of Monopodial Epiphytes
    • Aerial Offset Propagation (Keikis)
    • Propagating Orchids by Seed
    • Hybrid Seed Production
    • Harvesting Orchid Seed
    • Flasking Method of Seed Sowing
    • Tissue (Meristem) Culture of Orchids
    • Propagation Equipment; greenhouses, hotbeds, cold frames, mist systems, furo light boxes, etc
  • Cymbidiums And Dendrobiums.
    • Cymbidium culture
    • Dendrobium Types -soft cane, hard cane, black haired
    • Dendrobium Culture
    • Dendrobium species
  • Cattleyas, Vandas And Other Commonly Grown Orchids.
    • Cattleya varieties and culture
    • Vandas; main species and culture
    • Odontoglossum
    • Oncidium -types (climbing and spreading), culture
    • Paphiopedilum (Slipper Orchids)
    • Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchids)
    • Pleione (Indian Crocus)
    • Crucifix Orchids (Epidendrum)
    • Orchid Course -Learn All About Growing Orchids

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