Microsoft Office Course Sydney – Advanced Level

Our institute brings to you Microsoft Office Course Sydney  designed for all types of people, which covers basic computer and tools like Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point in this course. Within three months, the students become so skilled that they can do any office work easily, students who do not know office work can do this course and work in any office in Microsoft Word. It teaches you about typing and all office work including how you can write an application or design a letter etc. And within Excel you create all the sheets related to the accounts and with the help of different types of formulas you can do any work, Power Point in the course in which you create presentations, and within Excel you Databases are created in this course especially typing speed is minute at forty words so that you can easily get a job in any office. So if you also want to join this course, you can visit our office today. Microsoft Office Course Sydney – Advanced Level.

Microsoft Office Course Outline

Module- 01  Word Expert

  • Formatting Content
  • Create custom styles for text, tables and lists
  • Control pagination
  • Format, position and resize graphics using advanced layout features
  • Insert and modify objects
  • Create and modify diagrams and charts using data from other sources
  • Organizing Content
  • Sort content in lists and tables
  • Perform calculations in tables
  • Modify table formats
  • Summarize document content using automated tools

Module- 02  Excel Expert

  • Organizing and Analyzing Data
  • Use subtotals
  • Define and apply advanced filters
  • Group and outline data
  • Use data validation
  • Create and modify list ranges
  • Add, show, close, edit, merge and summarize scenarios
  • Perform data analysis using automated tools
  • Create PivotTable and PivotChart reports
  • Use Lookup and Reference functions
  • Use Database functions
  • Trace formula precedents, dependents, and errors
  • Locate invalid data and formulas
  • Watch and evaluate formulas
  • Define, modify and use named ranges
  • Structure workbooks using XML
  • Formatting Data and Content
  • Create and modify custom data formats

Module- 03  PowerPoint Expert

  • Creating Content
  • Create new presentations from templates
  • Insert and edit text-based content
  • Insert tables, charts and diagrams
  • Insert pictures, shapes and graphics
  • Insert objects
  • Formatting Content
  • Format text-based content
  • Format pictures, shapes and graphics
  • Format slides
  • Apply animation schemes
  • Apply slide transitions
  • Customize slide templates

Module- 04  Access Expert

  • Structuring Databases
  • Create Access databases
  • Create and modify tables
  • Define and modify field types
  • Modify field properties
  • Microsoft Office Course Sydney – Advanced Level

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