Introduction to eBay

E-Bay is the world’s second largest e-platform and has the title of Market Leader in E-Commerce, providing opportunities for small and independent business people to grow their businesses The biggest reason for the growing popularity of e-Bay that we see day by day is the fearless trade and easy access to consumer products – and According to a recent study, e-bucky revenue is expected to increase by the end of 2021, reaching 11 11.9 billion۔ Introduction to eBay

E-Bay Business Models-


The responsibility to make, handle / store products in the drop-shipping model, to deliver them to Gahg، All is imposed on the supplier – if the e-bay has some strict policies of its own as you can only consult your product on their own website and also the product The ones you bought from a huge wholesale supplier

2- Selling the brand:

whether you are interested in doing business online or want to make extra cash at home ، E-Bay is a useful answer to all your questions ۔ If you are interested in building a brand, market research, Shibang calculation, e-Bay fees and product listings

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use

Opportunities for Pakistani Businessmen:

It is very easy to be skeptical of something that you have often heard or that is common in your society No, like e-commerce – but the reality is undeniable – you can actually earn millions of rupees from sitting at home provided you know about e-commerce and its platforms Have proper information-

If e-Bay does not work directly in Pakistan but you can still open an account in terms of business on it ۔ And recently eBay has introduced more options for price recovery: debit card, credit card, gift card, Apple-Pay, Google-Pay ، Pay-Paul and Pay-Paul credits, etc۔ This has made it easier to do business on e-Bay learn ebay 

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