IELTS Course in Islamabad – IELTS TEST Preparation

IELTS is an English language test intended for English business, education and relationships at the international level. An estimated 2 million people in the world speak English. Of which very few people speak the local language. If you also want to study abroad in America, Great Britain, Canada and other countries, it is important for them to be able to speak English. And it is very important to learn IELTS for speaking, listening, and reading and writing. IELTS Course in Islamabad – IELTS TEST Preparation

Not only that, it also improves your English language skills. English is also widely used as a second language by those who communicate with it. Many international universities also offer English language courses and many multinational businesses operate in English. are done

IELTS is mandatory to get admission in English speaking universities and to get a visa that allows you to study abroad in any country. IELTS is divided into four sections. Covering speaking, writing, and listening and reading, each test’s scores correspond to a band that ranges from one to nine. A nine band represents proficient English speaking to the recipient. At the end of the test, users are given a score based on all four bands
The duration of IELTS test is two years. IELTS preparation requires two months in which you undergo thorough preparation within which you are able to get a seventh grade and any outside exam. Countries can easily go on a steady visa. Our teachers prepare you at a professional level so that you can pass the test with ease. IELTS Course in Islamabad – IELTS TEST Preparation

IELTS stands For

  • • Listening
  • • Learning
  • • Speaking
  • • Writing

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