How to Start Freelancing – The Complete Guide

If you have a basic understanding of the internet and computer, most of your friends are trying to take up this hobby to earn money online and earn their pocket money through freelancing etc. This is a great idea because it not only saves their pocket money but if they can take freelancing seriously, there is no job that is more enjoyable. The main advantage of freelancing and other online ways of earning money is that you don’t have a boss. You are independent. You don’t even have an office. Your home, bedroom, TV lounge or study room or The Drawing room is your office. There are no office hours. You can work when you like and relax when you like or focus on your hobbies. So if you want to earn money online, now is not the time to start. Yes first learn something, then take it. Let’s learn then read this post completely. How to start Freelancing – The Complete Guide,

Yes, as mentioned above, in the online earning options, you don’t have a boss, an office, and no time. You are completely free. Yes, that is true to a certain extent. But sir, it’s no longer true that you are absolute cowards. You have a lot of customers who pay money for your services. At a certain point in time, they want their money’s worth. Yes, you can tell them your customer’s name, but as long as they have paid money, they are your boss. The time constraint is so tight that if you fail to complete the job on time, they will complain, and not only will you lose your job, but your project will also be in jeopardy. Nobody cares about the person whose confidence gets broken, not just in this world, but in all the worlds of online earning.

Earning Online is a Scam

It’s no secret that almost all of us who have tried to find easy ways to make money online have failed. You may have seen that I have used the word “easy” to describe it. Many of us have heard on forums that “it’s very easy to make money online” and many of our friends think that it’s easy to make money on the internet. However, there is a huge difference between “easy” and “easy” sources. “Easy” sources such as “ad posting,” “copy paste” etc. are all fake websites that claim to offer “ad posting work” or “copy paste jobs” and claim to earn up to “100 dollars a day” online from home. These websites are all scams with no history and no future. Most of us have seen “easy” sources steal our friends’ hard work and get away with it.

Then How to Earn Online?

Friends, before thinking about earning online or freelancing, there are two basic conditions, both of which must be fulfilled. After that start freelancing again. Here are the two conditions

Correspondence skills in English language

Yes sir if you think that you can work in freelancing market without English skills then you are wrong, you may not know English language but if you are not able to read and write in English language. If you keep it, be sure that you will not get any job because English language is an international language and almost hundred percent of the websites use this language.

Whether it’s to hang up on your customer or to reply to them, in both cases, if you can’t write a good message in English, you’re a failure, so master it first, it’s not too difficult. If your education is matric then it is not difficult for you at all a little bit of grammar and a little practice will make you proficient, better hire a teacher or institute. Learning Freelancing

Expertise in at Last one Area

Yes, if you don’t get anything and you feel like you’ve just copied and pasted on a site before, freelancing markets can provide you with similar sources for your online earnings. It is your mistake.

To break into any freelancing market you need to be an expert in at least one area, this area can be one of the general areas of life but if you don’t have complete expertise in any area then first You can learn any field that you are good at, that you enjoy working in, or that you find easy from a regular person.

Well any skill can be learned from YouTube these days but it is better to learn it from an institute under the supervision of a teacher so that when the exam is given you will know how much you have mastered and how much you still have to learn. Is.

Remember that the work-and-run type of skill is never useful in freelancing because there are people who want to make money online from all over the world and you almost have to take the work away from them in bidding and this can only happen when you will have more or at least the same skills as them.

Yes friends, these are the two conditions that you must fulfill and if you are lacking in any of them, learn it immediately and then move to the freelancing market, otherwise, by the time you learn your profile, It will be so bad that no one will trust you which means your future in terms of freelancing online earning will be dark.

Which job is Easier in the Freelancing Market?

The easiest way to earn money online is to do whatever comes to you and what you love to do. But if you are not currently skilled in a task and want to learn, below are some tasks that are both easy to learn and easy to do.

Graphic Design

Be it Facebook or Instagram, software or website or online, offline business or a carrier, everyone needs graphics work in their work all the time, whether it is uploading a picture on Facebook or a Any graphic designer is always hired to display Chana Chaat banner on the cart. Without a doubt, graphics design is the field that has the most space in the freelancing market. If you want to learn something new, I would suggest you try your luck in this field. There are numerous sub-disciplines but if you learn the basics then the rest can be learned from YouTube at home. learn graphic 

Website Building

Not only all businesses but also individuals rely on a website to maintain their online identity and if you want to create a website then there are opportunities for you to earn online.

Blog Writing

Writing about your personality, business, products or website so that people will like it, know about you and attract people is a common thing, but many people are not able to do it themselves. They can write something with good choice of words. For this work they need someone who can provide these services for them.

If you can write well then enter this field, not only you can write about people but also many people or even most people who need someone to write their writings. Take the money and write the article and they can write the article under their name on their website or social media account and get wow. Such a writer is called a ghostwriter and a lot of his work is available on the Internet.

Online Teaching

Yes sir if you are educated and you have the qualities of a good teacher then nothing can stop you from earning online, there are many platforms where you can teach people online and charge fees. .


If you like to walk around and have a good camera and also like photography or you can learn it, sir, have fun walking around but take your camera with you. Take a photo and sell it online, there are many companies that will buy your photos and in the freelancing market there are always a lot of clients who want to create a certain type of photography or videos and that work. Pay you for.

Writing Wikipedia Articles

Have you ever written an article on Wikipedia before? If not, then start writing now so that you can gain expertise, writing an article on Wikipedia is a bit technical, but after writing two or four articles, you become an expert. The freelancing market is ready to hire you to write about your business or product.

If you are proficient in a language, especially English, there are plenty of proofreading and copy editing jobs to earn online, but remember that it requires a strong grasp of the language.


Same thing with language skills, copywriting is a great job if you know the language well and can write. Once you see it, that’s all there is to a copywriter’s job, with a lot of work available online.

Resume Writing

Yes, the same CV that you have picked up and you are getting lost in job search, there are many people who do not know how to write it. The work of CV writing i.e. Resume Writing has now taken a new dimension and the CV is written in a new design which includes full information coverage as well as excellent use of graphics so that no one can stay without reading it. could not Just learn how to write and create such a CV and lots of money will be waiting for you.

Dubbing or Voice Over

If Allah Almighty has given you a good and clear voice and you have language skills, then you can also do dubbing or voice over work for people, i.e. if a video is being translated from English to Urdu or When translating from one language to another, they definitely need speakers who can read their script fluently and well. As most friends must have seen movies dubbed from English to Urdu.

Apart from this, you must have seen the TV and radio commercials, in these commercials, in the background, this gentleman is giving information about it but never comes on the screen, his job is only to give voice over. Turns out, that voice in the background could be yours too, and there’s so much work to be done in the internet freelancing markets that you’ll be tired of working.

Virtual Assistant

Businesses and entrepreneurs need an assistant to handle their day-to-day tasks, who can answer their emails, take their phone calls or schedule appointments with clients. . In earlier times, this work was done by people in offices, but now the time has changed, all these works are done by virtual assistants, that is, you are answering the emails of an American company sitting in your home in Pakistan and their client understands. That the company is very good at responding immediately, the benefit to the company is that the same work that an office worker has to do for $4000, online people can easily do the same job for $500 or $1000. You can also try your luck in this field, but the condition is that you have proficiency in English. virtual assistant course

Writing on Online Earning or Freelancing is in progress, for the next installment, visit the . How to Start Freelancing – The Complete Guide

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