How to install Urdu Font in Website

In this tutorial we are going to discuss how you can install custom (Urdu Arabic and other) fonts in WordPress website. You can install Urdu (custom) font in three ways in the website. How to install Urdu Font in Website

➊ Through the plugin

➋ By adding a link in the header of the HTML file

➌ Through the font-face CSS attribute (Font-face@).


Migrate WordPress website

If you also want to transfer your website to Urdu, then 1. Go to WordPress dashboard 2. Click on Settings 3. Click on General 4. Select Urdu in Site Language. Take it your wordpress website is migrated to urdu.

Install urdu font in website

In this tutorial we are going to discuss how to apply Urdu font in wordpress website through plugin and will also discuss the rest of the methods from time to time. God willing.

Urdu is our language, its protection and development is our responsibility and for its development it is necessary to write messages etc. in Urdu, communicate in Urdu and never use Roman Urdu. Click here to know how to activate urdu in your mobile and to know how to install urdu font click here.

How to install urdu fonts in website through plugin

WordPress comes with many plugins to do this, but the one I like and use is Font Organizer.

➊ You can download it by clicking here After downloading, go to WordPress dashboard and go to plugins and click on New Plugin and click on Upload Plugin above and activate the plugin by uploading it.

➋ Go to the WordPress dashboard and click on Font Settings under Settings.
➌ Type the font name in the Font Name field.
➌ Select the font file TTF or other font files supported by the plugin by clicking Choose file and uploading it by clicking Upload.

➍ After the font is uploaded, in the same page, you will get the option to select the font below, where you want to apply the font, so wherever you want to apply the font, click on By Default and select the font, for example: Body Select the required font in font, h1 font, h2 font, h3 font and other places wherever it is giving option to select font.

➎ And below each one there will be a small box with a right check mark on it then ok and if it is not checked then click on the right check box and click save button below to save your selected The font will be applied to your website. God willing How to install Uurdu Font in Website

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