How to Earn Money with Youtube Shorts – 2023

Do you know that now you can earn money with the help of youtube short also for that you need to have a mobile number because to make good short you need a good mobile all the time because you have Also love to make short videos. So using this method you can create a good channel on YouTube which is free and start making good short videos on daily basis. Because YouTube now allows you to make short videos. Also pays because YouTube has turned on monetization. So people who used to make short films can now earn millions of rupees from YouTube. How to Earn Money with Youtube Shorts

Creating a YouTube Channel

In the first step you create an email on Google, after that you have to give a name to your channel and do some basic settings that are required. After that you have to upload a good short on a daily basis and especially keep in mind that the short should be only twenty to thirty seconds long and should be unique and good enough that people will like you after watching the short. Give and also subscribe to your channel. Which leads to growth in your channel.

Some Rules to Make a channel Successful on YouTube

If you also want to be successful in creating a channel on YouTube, then some rules will work for you, such as good and quality work, and also uploading a short every day of the week and doing something new every day. Good at taking new ideas and want your short to be so good that people like it and share it with others, spread your short videos on other networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and Tech Talk is where you also get good people who watch your short. Earn Money with Youtube Shorts

Basic Requirements for YouTube Channel Monetization

First of all you have to achieve 1000 subscribers in a year and secondly you have to get a million short views for your channel to monetize. These things don’t matter if your content is good.

YouTube gives you an account for $10, which verifies your account, and when you earn $100 a month, Google sends money to your bank account.

Millions of people are still making money from YouTube because YouTube is a Google video sharing company where millions of people upload and watch content every day.

So if you also want to earn money from YouTube short then this article will be beneficial for you. How to Earn Money with Youtube Shorts – 2023

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