Google Ads Online Course in Dubai – UAE

Google Ads is an advertising program of Google Company. With the help of this program you can run your ads on different platforms on Google. For example, Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google YouTube Ads, this course aims at how you can run ads on Google. Google Ads is also a part of digital marketing. These are paid advertisements from Google, which can quickly bring your business to people and increase the sales of your business. Experience running it so that your message reaches the right people and your business benefits, because if you don’t know how to run Google Ads well, you can waste a lot of money. So run ads with knowledge before professional. Google Ads Online Course in Dubai – UAE

According to Google you can earn ten dollars by investing one dollar. Google search ads get very good response. The main reason for this is that only people related to your business find you on Google, in addition to the video ads you see in various places on YouTube, they are also driven by Google Ads. are The demand for this field is worldwide as Google Ads is run all over the world. And its jobs are also in almost every major country. If you have not learned Google Ads, then you can also join our course and learn Google Ads and get a job or freelancing. So contact today to take admission our institute also provides online classes. Google Ads Online Course in Dubai – UAE

Google ADS Course Outline

Lesson 01 – AdWords, PPC and Online Advertising Introduction
Lesson 02 – Account Structure
Lesson 03 – Keywords and Match Types
Lesson 04 – Creating Text and Search Ads
Lesson 05 – Ad Extensions
Lesson 06 – Display Ads
Lesson 07 – Display Targeting
Lesson 08 – Campaign Types and Settings
Lesson 09 – Advertising Metrics
Lesson 10 – Bidding and Bid Modifiers
Lesson 11 – Quality Score
Lesson 12 – AdWords Reports
Lesson 13 – AdWords Tools
Lesson 14 – Optimizing Your Account

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