Game Development Course in Rawalpindi – Pakistan

A game development course that lets you design a game with custom graphics, music, etc. There are millions of people all over the world who play games that are played on computers and mobiles. Considering this thing, its demand has also increased in the market due to which thousands of people are getting employment. Game developers are very creative people who create something new themselves that you are passionate about telling a story.

All video games you can create in just three to four months by taking this course. If you yourself video games If you want to learn how to create, we teach you how you can design a professional game and what software is used in it. Including 2D and 3D, especially exploring motion, sound and principles. We enable you to easily design any type of game that you may have heard of.

Game Development Course Outline

  • Unity 3D Introduction
  • Unity Editor Introduction, Essential Concept
  • Scene View Navigation
  • Setting Camera & Lighting

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