Freelancing in Pakistan- How To Start Freelancing In Pakistan

And how it works The lack of jobs for the youth in Pakistan is no secret. In such a situation, many people are adopting alternative ways of employment with the help of internet. Freelancing in Pakistan- How To Start Freelancing In Pakistan

Freelancing is becoming more and more popular among young people in Pakistan. According to statistics, Pakistan has the 4th fastest growing freelance market in the world, growing at a rate of 47 per cent every year. In comparison, in 2018 the rate of growth was only 4 per cent. In Pakistan, the annual freelance growth rate has increased by 42 per cent as of the end of 2021 The growth of freelancing in Pakistan can be attributed to several factors, but the most significant one is the government’s efforts to improve technical education and provide 4G services in Pakistan. If you want to know how to get started with freelancing in Pakistan, or how to earn money from home, you have come to the correct place. learn freelancing 

Freelancing is becoming more and more popular in today’s industries, so you’re likely to find yourself working in an industry you’re already familiar with. It might take some time to build a portfolio and build a client base, but don’t give up hope. In this article, we’ll take a look at freelancing in Pakistan, how to set up a freelance business, and the freelancing options available in the country.

Here are some steps to take to start freelancing in Pakistan:

  1. Define Your Business. …
  2. 2.Find Your Target Client. …
  3. Check For Licensing And Tax Requirements. …
  4. 4.Build A Portfolio. …
  5. Create Contacts & Build Professional Networking. …
  6. 6.Move to Online Freelancing Websites. …
  7. Keep Track of Your Profits. …


What is Freelancing?

Freelancing in technology parlance means getting paid to work for an individual or company in any country over the Internet.

People in Pakistan can earn money through internet in many ways. In this regard, one method (e-commerce) means online business, while the other method (content) means writing content, creating images or videos that can gain popularity among people.

Similarly, freelancing is a third medium that is gaining popularity among the youth of Pakistan. With a good internet laptop or mobile you can do freelancing from anywhere.

Once upon a time, the way of working was different. Earlier people used to look for jobs after education.
Now this is changing and people don’t need to be physically present in an office but can work through computer in absence.

How Big is the Freelancing Market in Pakistan?

A 2018 report, citing data from the World Bank and freelancing websites, claimed that there were over 60,000 freelancers in Pakistan. However, this is a cautious estimate. A 2019 report then reviewed Pakistan’s freelancing market. According to the results of The Global Gig Economy Index, freelancing income in Pakistan saw a 42% increase compared to 2018.

And the number of people earning money with the help of freelancing increased in Pakistan. Due to the significant growth in this industry, Pakistan was ranked fourth among the top 10 countries in the world. In this list, the United States was at the first position, while India was at the seventh position and Bangladesh at the eighth position.

According to the report, one of the reasons for the increase in freelancers in Pakistan is the large number of young people.

70% of Pakistan’s population is under 30 years of age. The development of technical education has helped the youth of Pakistan to participate in the gig economy.

More than half of Pakistani freelancers belong to the age group of 25 to 34.

What can be Done in freelancing?

Well, in freelancing you can do all possible and legitimate work. In freelancing you can do data entry. If you think you are good at writing, you can write for someone’s website, blog or fashion.

‘Spreadsheets, any MS Word or Office related work, basic graphic designing or creating social media posts are quite popular in freelancing these days.

In freelancing people can do some writing or blog writing as well as marketing through social media posts.
Digital marketing is one of the areas that are in demand for freelancing at the moment. This includes social

Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

There is a huge demand for software and app development jobs all over the world including Pakistan and to fulfill this, youth can learn such skills so that instead of looking for jobs in the future, they have an alternate source of income.

With the help of computers, people can learn skills that no longer require them to work in a particular company or country.

Some of these skills include graphic design, website building, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), digital marketing, social media, e-commerce and copywriting.

One can earn money through internet by learning its basic skills as there are some freelancing websites where you can create your account and find work.

Most freelancers in Pakistan find work on several websites including Fiverr and Upwork. Here after creating your profile you have to fulfill the requirements provided by the people.

On completion of the work, these websites collect money from the employer, take their deductions and pay the money to the worker.

How Much Money Can Be Earned Freelancing?

How much money people can earn in freelancing depends on a person’s ability, skills, nature of work and time period.

When the work is paid in dollars, the value is much higher. One of the advantages of freelancing is that you will get money not in rupees but in dollars. When people earn money from abroad, it benefits the individual and the country.’

There is a dearth of jobs in the country and there is an alternative way for the youth to earn money through freelancing on the internet. Some people have set up their own companies with the help of freelancing.
The rate can go up to thousands of dollars for a job on different websites.

Is it that easy to Make Money on the Internet?

In many countries including Pakistan, people want to earn money on the internet by using their skills. But it is very difficult for a person to succeed in it immediately. It is important to do quality work on time to build your good profile.

A good freelancer must have in-house skills as well as deliver the most unique work and be punctual. The advantage of this will be that their profile on the Internet will be strengthened and different clients will work with them again and again, which will become a constant source of income.

Pakistan also has some problems with remittances from foreign countries as the service of PayPal has not yet

been introduced in the country.

However, freelancers are using alternative methods to receive money. Currently the most important issue is the payment that freelancers in Pakistan are facing. To overcome this shortfall we also have some alternatives through which you can receive your payments. Freelancing in Pakistan- How To Start Freelancing In Pakistan

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