Freelancing Course – Freelance Training Program

Freelancing Course – We are bringing you freelancing course based on which you can easily work from home. Freelancing is a platform where you don’t need any boss. Now there are many websites at international level. Where you can earn money by selling your services The biggest advantage of freelancing is that you can offer your services to customers whenever you want and can rest whenever you want. Launched the Lancing Course in which we can teach you any skill from the top 10 cycles and you can easily provide services according to your desired time, so the freelancing website is also successful. The biggest website is fiver where on On one side there is a buyer and on the other side there is a seller who sells services by setting his own rate.

It takes three months when you become a professional in a field then you can start freelancing. We are bringing a professional freelancing course based on which you can build a good career. The good thing is that you can do whatever you want with freedom and earn thousands of dollars. Freelancing Course – Freelance Training Program ,

Freelancing Course Outline

  • 2. What is Fiverr?
  • 3. Earning Income with Fiverr
  • Quiz: Fiverr Overview
  • 4. The Service You Will Provide
  • 5. Create Your Seller Profile
  • 6. What is a Gig?
  • 7. Writing a Winning Gig Description
  • 8. Picking the Right Gig Image
  • 9. Pricing, Packages and Extras
  • 10. Order Requirements and Revisions
  • 11. Fiverr Platform Integrity
  • Quiz: Creating Your Fiverr Gigs
  • 12. Chapter Introduction
  • 13. Communicate – Be Responsive
  • 14. Utilize Quick Responses
  • 15. Send Custom Offers
  • 16. Managing Orders – Start to Finish
  • Quiz: Converting Customers & Managing Orders

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