Free Adobe Lightroom Course in USA

This course will be delivered to you online. A course is a basic level course in which we are training you from basic level to advanced level. In this course we will show you how to use the software called Adobe Lightroom to enhance the image. If you are also fond of photography and want to present the images in the best possible color, then this course can be beneficial for you. The purpose of this software is to make the image you take look better and better, so for that, color grading is done within this software as well. Free Adobe Lightroom Course in USA.

How the images are processed in this software and how a picture can be presented in a better color and result. So join our course today, students from USA and other countries can also take online classes. Free Adobe Lightroom Course in USA

Adobe Lightroom Course Outline

  • Introduction to post-processing in LR
  • Differences between LR Classic CC and LR CC
  • Differences between LR and Photoshop
  • Raw, Jpeg and DNG files
  • Getting organised
  • Folder systems within LR
  • The Lightroom Workflow
  • Importing Photos
  • Setting up LR for improved workflow
  • What XMP files are used for
  • Optimising Catalog Settings
  • Tiffs or PSDs

Free Adobe Lightroom Course in USA

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