Facial Reflexology Massage Certificate Course

Starting a facial reflexology massage certificate course can be a transformative journey not only for your career but also for your personal well-being۔ This special course offers a comprehensive understanding of the complex connections between the face, body and mind۔ Through the art of touching and the specific pressure techniques applied to reflex points on the face، You can unlock the body’s natural healing abilities and promote overall balance۔ The course curriculum usually covers various aspects, from the history and theory of facial reflexes to practical training، Which enables you to master the techniques and principles of this ancient method of healing۔ As soon as you study the course, you will discover the anatomy of the face, learn about different reflex zones، And will gain a deeper understanding of how to develop treatments to address specific concerns and imbalances۔ The course also examines the psychological and emotional benefits of facial anxiety, empowering you to provide a truly fulfilling experience for your clients۔ By the end of the course, you will not only own a valuable certificate, but also relax, rejuvenate, through the power of touch and reflexology، And will also have a deep capacity to promote overall well-being۔ Facial Reflexology Massage Certificate Course

Facial Reflexology Massage Certificate Course Curriculum

  • Your Facial Reflexology Manual (print this)
    What is it and how does it works?
  • Stress
    Contra-indications, Benefits & Massage Moves
  • (14:36)Preparation, Client Aftercare and Equipment
  •  Quiz – you need to complete this to progress
  • Facial Reflexology Massage Certificate Course

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