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Microsoft Excel is an accounting program that creates spreadsheets that are used to collect qualitative and quantitative data. Excel is the easiest and simplest of all accounting software. A child can easily learn it, with the help of this software you can use as accounts for all types of business, big and small. All kinds of formulas are used inside this software, you can create any type of sheet and use formula in it Excel Course Singapore

We’ve introduced an advanced level Excel Course Singapore for you, using it for statistical and various accounting tasks. To learn X, you don’t need to You can learn X even without Basic Accounts. It gives you about 20 types of sheets and also teaches you more than 100 formulas based on which you can use any of X. You can take this course. Our course is being conducted in Singapore. If you want to take the training online, you can take it. Apart from that, you are also given various tips for better use of Excel.

Excel Course Outline

  • Essential Math/Stats Functions: SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX,
  • Essential Text Functions: UPPER, LOWER
  • Date & Time Functions: NOW, DATEDIF, EDATE,
  • Using Logical Functions: IF, IFS, AND, NOT, ISNA,
  • Using Excel Power Functions: SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS
  • Using D-Functions: DSUM, DAVERAGE,
  • Lookup Functions: VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP,
  • Working with Name Ranges & Name Manager
  • Working with Smart Tables
  • Working with Array & 3D Formulas
  • Creating & Customizing Charts – Column, Line, Bar, Pie and Combo Charts
  • Analyzing & Summarizing Data with Pivot Table Reports, Pivot Charts & Slicers
  • Get & Transform Data: Power Query
  • Automating Recurring Tasks with Macros
  • Using Excel Business Modeling Tools: Goal
  • Excel Course Singapore Microsoft Excel

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