E-Commerce Course in Rawalpindi – Shopify – Amazom – Ebay

E-Commerce Course This course is for those who want to go into the field of e-commerce and especially want to set up their own store either in Pakistan or any other country. This is one field in which we do sales and purchase. In this course we have taught you how you can make your own store and sell the product all over Pakistan as Daraz is working in Pakistan. Five things are very important in this course like firstly product research how the product is selling in the market and secondly that product you can sell at wholesale rate. Where does it come from with a good profit margin?

After that you create your personal online store on which those products are listed and after that you can sell those products all over Pakistan. You want to do marketing specifically to sell the products. As you advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and Twitter, you start getting instant sales. All these things we teach you practically so that you can be able to create your own store and sell products. If you want to do e-commerce at an international level, there are three major platforms, firstly Amazon, then eBay, and Wal-Mart, where you can earn millions of rupees per month by selling products. Designed for the purpose of how you can enter the field of e-commerce. E-Commerce Course in Rawalpindi – Shopify – Amazom – Ebay

Top Ecommerce Platform

  • Amazon Course
  • Daraz Course
  • Shopfiy Course

E-Commerce Course Content:

Introduction: Brief overview of course, its scope, and prerequisites

  • State of Ecommerce: What is ecommerce? Growth in US and UK ; Key drivers for growth; Growth outlook for US ; The importance of a social media presence; Considerations for growth
  • Promotion and Tactics: Promotion channels; Content marketing strategies; SEO tactics (e.g., keywords); Paid promotion methods (e.g., PPC)
  • User Interface Design: Making your site easy to use (e.g

This is an online shipping course, people who want to take this course can do Amazon, eBay and online e-commerce course in just two months if you also want to enter this field to earn money by selling products. If you want, then this course is beneficial for you, because you can earn millions of rupees by selling products in the international market, that too in a very easy way by using big platforms like Amazon or Local e-commerce courses can be done all over Pakistan.

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