Differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

In this post we will understand the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. If you want to know what WordPress is and how to use it, click here. Differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org


There are two types of WordPress,

❶ WordPress.com❷ WordPress.org

❶ WordPress.com

provides a free and premium blogging or website facility, free has some limitations and in premium you can use all its features.

The main difference between these two is that you get the hosting, you don’t have to manage the hosting separately, you don’t get a lot of names and it’s easy. There is no hassle of getting a hosting domain and managing it, all this work is automatic and done by its team. Most people start with WordPress.com because it’s easier.

❷ On WordPress.org

you have to do all the work yourself like getting a domain, getting hosting, connecting it, managing it, etc., and you get a lot of freedom, you can do a lot of things on your website to make your website beautiful and beautiful. Can be charming.

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