Daraz Course – Become a Top Seller on Daraz

We are bringing you a professional Darz course. which is an online shopping website where millions of people are earning money by selling products, here it is best for all types of business, small and big, this is a type of online shopping website where millions of people are shopping And the fast delivery system of this website is also very good. You can sell your products here You can earn good money as our organization has been providing Draws Course training for the last five years and in which you are taught how to find and buy and sell products that earn you money with a good margin.

You can and to work on it first you want to do a comprehensive course so that you don’t waste your money and you can earn good money too our course is designed for you. Join Joe and start earning money. Daraz Course – Become a Top Seller on Daraz,

Daraz Course Outline

  • Introduction To Daraz
  • Daraz Algorithm
  • Listing Validation for Potential Check
  • Product Hunting
  • Ultimate Product Sourcing Techniques
  • Account Creation and Verification
  • Product Validation and Competitor Analysis
  • Product Listing and Optimization
  • Store Decoration
  • Ultimate Ranking Techniques
  • Vouchers and Promotional Campaigns
  • How to Fulfil Daraz Orders
  • FBS to Fulfillment By Daraz (FBD) Conversion

Daraz Course in Rawalpindi – 0332-5649993

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