A+ Computer Hardware Course in Rawalpindi

We are bringing a computer hardware course with the help of which you can repair your computer easily, and you can also do computer software with which you can do computer windows and drivers. And if there is a fault inside your computer or any part gets damaged, you can fix it easily with the help of this course.

You can fix all types of laptops and computers, and this course is for two months. and it has two hours of class per day in which you can take practical classes. A+ Computer Hardware Course in Rawalpindi

Computer Hardware Course Contents

  •  Computer Fundamental
  •  Computer Hardware Installation
  •  Computer Software Installation
  •  Computer Hardware Software Troubleshooting
  •  Assembling and up gradation of PC
Info: Weekend (Sat/Sunday) Classes also Available You can Also get Online Classes I A+ Computer Hardware Course in Rawalpindi
Course Title Course Duration Course Timing Course Satus
Computer Hardware 2 Months Monday – Friday


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