Complete Web Developer Course 3.0

Complete the Web Developer Course A university court is designed for aspiring students. This course reflects that you can become an expert in the field of web development, or you need to be the one who walks with basic HTML and CSS skills, including Java skirt skills. This course includes working with popular frameworks, creating dynamic web pages with PHP, MySQL, and more. Responsive HTML requires the creation of a member application using free tools like Bootstrap and Angular GS within this course.

After completion, you can get a job as a junior web developer, or you can also do freelancing on various freelance websites. There are freelancing websites like Work of Fiber where you can provide your services if you create a powerful e-commerce role and develop management. Even if you want to start an online business, this course can be beneficial for you. Complete Web Developer Course 3.0

Complete Web Developer Course Outline

  • Basic site creation with HTML and CSS
  • Advanced study of website creation with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Extending the functionality of the site using JavaScript
  • What is jQuery and what are the main components
  • How to simplify and improve layout with Bootstrap 5
  • How to install a theme on WordPress and configure the site
  • What are PHP and Python and what are the main components
  • How to properly optimize a site to attract customers from Google

Complete Web Developer Course 3.0

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