Canva Course for Beginners

Canva is a graphic design software that can be used by everyone, from a non-graphic designer to a professional. Launched now, its number has gone to millions. This tool is full of thousands of templates and easy features such as effects, images, videos, shapes, and sticker animation. Here, you get to make a lot of advertising invitations in addition to business card prints and marketing materials, especially if you post content on social media. If you want to make it, you can make it up.

Canva has become very beneficial for graphic designers. Some people use it for freelancing. There are a lot of topics for all types of entrepreneurs. Now that they can easily design a graphic at home online, they need to spend a little more money. No, you get it for $5 per month. You want to become a professional graphic designer. They want to learn to use it, so we can take Kenma’s course up and bring it up so that you can learn it and use it at the professional level and become a blogger or social media marketing manager. This course of ours is online. It is also physical. Canva Course for Beginners

Canva Course Outline

  • • Getting the most from this course
  • • Creating a canvas account
  • • Free Canva vs Pro Canva (Which is Right for You?)
  • • The Home Screen & Launching New Projects
  • • Tips for Positioning and Spacing Elements
  • • Using Rulers and Guides (NEW)
  • • Tips for Precisely Aligning Text
  • • Selecting and Grouping Elements
  • Lesson 2
  • • Object Stacking and Selecting Hidden Elements
  • • Snapping and Locking
  • • Free vs. Premium Elements
  • • The Power of Templating
  • • The 1-Click Background Remover
  • • Quick Search Box (/Magic)
  • • Easy PDF Import & Editing
  • • Class Project – Show Your Canva Skills Challenge #1
  • • Class Project – Challenge #1 Solutions
  • • Graphic Design 101 – Layout and Composition
  • • Using Canva Grids to Power your Layouts
  • Lesson 3
  • • Graphic Design 101 – Typography
  • • Strategies for Choosing and Organizing Fonts
  • • The Canva Design Size Guide
  • • Adding to Your Canva Brand Kit
  • • Creating a Brand Style Guide
  • • Organizing Assets with Folders
  • • How to Make Quick Use of Your Brand Assets
  • Canva Course for Beginners

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