10 -Best WordPress Tips for Beginners – 2023

We are bringing you some of the most popular WordPress tapes, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms that are in high demand all over the world, Best WordPress Tips for Beginners

If you are also planning to build your website on WordPress then these tips can be useful for you. In this article, we have presented some important points of WordPress that you can use to create your own website on WordPress.

Word Press is the most preferred software that you can use to create any type of website or blog with ease but these tips can be very beneficial for you which you must have. want to use.  Best WordPress Tips for Beginners Learn WordPress

Best WordPress Tips List

  1. Use a Custom Homepage
  2. Install Google Analytics in WordPress
  3. Password Protect WordPress Admin Directory
  4. Show Images in Rows and Columns
  5. Allow users to Subscribe to Comments
  6. Limit Login Attempts
  7. Display Excerpt (Post Summary) on Home and Archive Pages
  8. Add Custom Default Gravatar Image
  9. Adding custom CSS to a WordPress Theme
  10. Using Inspect Element Tool to Customize WordPress
  11. Add a Facebook Thumbnail Image
  12. Add Featured Image or Post Thumbnail to RSS Feed
  13. Show Excerpts in RSS Feed
  14. Use Shortcodes inside Text Widgets
  15. Fix WordPress Email Deliverability

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