AutoCAD Course Singapore – Basics (2D & 3D)

We are bringing you Autocad course to become a professional AutoCAD designer, this course is used in architecture and engineering industries, within this course you can learn 2D and 3D. That too in just two months, this field is in demand all over the world and millions of people are joining and working in this profession. And with the help of AutoCAD software you can design all types of buildings and also design all types of house plans, in addition to this you can also go into the field of mechanical engineering with the help of this software. are where you can also design components, AutoCAD Course Singapore

If you want to get a job by taking autocad course then we have given you a complete guideline which will help you to get job anywhere in the world and that too sitting at home with more opportunities to advance in the field. You find if you also want to enter this field then you can enter this field after doing this course, this autocad course can be beneficial for you. AutoCAD Course Singapore

AutoCAD Course Outline

  • • Using drawing, editing, constructing technique and viewing tools.
  • • Organizing and getting information from drawing objects.
  • • Inserting reusable symbols (blocks).
  • • Setting up layers, styles, and templates
  • • Preparing a layout to be plotted.
  • • Adding text, hatching, and dimensions.
  • • 3D viewing techniques and working with User Coordinate system
  • • Creating and editing 3D solid model
  • • Rendering the 3D model to enhance its appearance
  • • Generating 2D drawings from the 3D Model.

AutoCAD Course Singapore

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