App Development Course in Rawalpindi- Islamabad

A new course that can change your life۔ The App Development Course in Rawalpindi- that can change the life of the students who want to grow in the app field۔ We are becoming all kinds of apps۔ Which is making our work easier today is happening on everyone’s M apps in the age of ۔ If you also want to work by learning the work of the app or wanting free living, this course will be useful for you۔ The fear of this Android Apps Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad  will offer you a variety of content that allows you to create all kinds of apps۔

A picture of the usual fans of the app development course, every year we offer our parts thousands of apps and games that make our lives easier۔ In the era of apps ، It was limited to just a few large software companies but nowadays there is almost everyone who wants to offer their services and reconciliation through an app۔ Accordingly, the app development course is of fundamental importance that the app introduces developers to various aspects of this business world۔

The app consists of a development course, various materials and additions based on a specific topic۔ This usually includes different languages for the development and construction of mobile applications and web applications, such as Java, Cotlin, PHP, Rect NATO, and DotNet۔ The sources of this course explain to students the importance of different programming languages and the difference in which language can be used۔

The educational presentation of the Android Apps Course in Rawalpindi is quite different۔ Some courses are modestly open that begin with a beginner level for new students, while other middle students have professional arts and development۔ During the app development course, students are really involved in projects in the world that improve their experiences۔

The relative importance of the app development course is increasing at this time as the number of mobile and web applications is increasing۔ With internet speed, apps and web applications can be easily made available, which can be a major loss for any business۔ Accordingly, the app development course is also important for those who want to prepare themselves to be a Zood professional and up-to-date۔

Finally, the important point about the app development course is that students are provided with a light of the future۔

Android Apps Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Android
  2. Create Your First Android
  3. Layouts, Views and Resources
  4. Text and Scrolling Views
  5. Understanding Activities and Intents
  6. The Activity Lifecycle and Managing State
  7. Drawables  Styles, and Themes
  8. Material Design
  9. Providing Resources for Adaptive Layouts
  10. AsyncTask and AsyncTaskLoader
  11. Testing, debugging, and using support libraries
  12. Menus
  13. Java interface
  14. Native library implementation
  15. Building the sample native library
  16. Using native functions in Java code
  17. Security and Permissions.
  18. Screen Navigation
  19. Triggering, scheduling and optimizing background tasks
  20. Preferences and Settings
  21. Notifications
  22. Scheduling Alarms
  23. Services
  24. Web Views
  25. Shared Preferences
  26. Introduction to kotlin
  27. Room Database
  28. Google Map
  29. SQLite Database
  30. Sharing data with content providers
  31. Share Data Through Content Providers
  32. Third Party Api
  33. Interface
  34. Firebase
  35. JSON
  36. Rest Api
  37. Ads Integration
  38. Admob Integration
  39. Publish App On Play store
  40. Android-based Function Generator
  41. Software-defined Radio
  42. Home Automation System using Arduino Uno
  43. Android Bluetooth-based Chatting App
  44.  Smart Travel Guide Application
  45. Surveillance Camera
  46. Android Controlled Robot
  47.  Home Automation System
  48. Arduino-based Visitor Alarm
  49. Arduino-based GPS Clock
  50. DC Motor Controller
  51. Automatic Battery Charger
  52. Railway Level Gate Crossing
  53. Military Spying and Bomb Disposal Robot
  54. Remote Password Security
  55. Password-based Circuit Breaker
  56. Firefighter Robot
  57. Antenna Positioning System

App Development Course in Rawalpindi- Islamabad

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