App Development Course for Beginners

 In order to learn this language, you must know Java language, in which our institution’s job is to provide general education in programming language. Our course offers you a complete App Development Course for Beginners in mobile app development. Which means you can take classes from anywhere in the world. In which different languages ​​are taught Do you know that nowadays it is very important to have everyone in your mobile. Which you can easily use it like facebook app, youtube app and many more apps are available keeping this in mind our channel has started such a course for you. app development course philippines

It is called app development course, by learning it you can get a job or you can also do freelancing within this job, the salary is more than one lakh. We have made you a modern developer in which you can easily develop Android smart phones and Apple phone apps. If you want to earn good money or work from home anywhere in the world, then this course is for you. can be beneficial. app development course uk, App Development Course for Beginners

App Development Course Contents

  1. Overview of JAVA Programming Language
  2. Overview of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts
  3. Graphical User Interface (GUI) Designing in Android Studio
  4. Data Storage & Databases
  5. Using Multimedia Content: Images, Video and Sound
  6. Networked Applications
  7. Uploading Apps to Play Store
  8. Marketing & Generating Revenue from Apps


Android Studio

App Development Course for Beginners

What is App Development?

The work of APP had started since ten years. His aim was to develop a software that could be installed on mobile devices as well. This makes it easier for mobile users to take advantage of the app instead of visiting the website. That is, the work or services you want to get from the website should be present in the app, as the time passed, the demand for the app started to increase, until in 2023, the mobile users have reached ninety percent and ten percent people You search on a laptop or desktop. Having an app is also considered essential in today’s era. Every website is now converted to an app , App Development Course for Beginners

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