Amazon Fba Tutorial in Urdu – 100+ Videos – 2023

Do you also want to earn money by seeding products online, this profession is called online shopping. If you want to earn money by selling products in the international market, then Amazon is giving you this facility in which you can earn money by doing product pages at home in Pakistan, that too with ease. So we are going to teach you the Amazon course in which you can earn money by selling products on Amazon. First one needs to understand what Amazon is. Amazon is America’s number one online shopping website with millions of people buying and selling products every day. 56% of Americans shop on Amazon. Amazon Fba Tutorial in Urdu.

It is the world’s largest online store operating in 72 countries. Seven types of business models have been introduced on top of Amazon. You can earn money by learning and following any one of the models, even sitting at home. The most popular model is called Amazon FBA. In which you open your store on Amazon and order products from and sell them on Amazon.

That too in the US, UK, within this course we taught you how to do product research and how to co-source and then how to create a seller account on Amazon and how to sell the product. Listed and then shaped and then how to increase sales. We are going to teach you all these things for free, so join our YouTube channel today and learn the Amazon course. Amazon Fba Tutorial in Urdu

Amazon Fba Course Outline

  • What is Amazon
  • Types of Business Model
  • What is Amazon  FBA
  • Amazon Product Research
  • Amazon Product Sourcing
  • Amazon Account Creation
  • Amazon Product Listing
  • Amazon Product Shipment
  • Amazon Product Launch
  • Amazon Product Sale Increase
  • Amazon Order Management


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