After Effects Course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad

We are bringing a professional skill course for all people, our organization is conducting this course in Rawalpindi, we have all kinds of training for this field, this adobe course can change your life and you For all kinds of media and 3D usage,

our expert teachers give you complete training in each course that will make you a professional animation work, that too for media as this software only And it is only used for media and commercial making and it is used all over the world After Effects Course in Rawalpindi

After Effects Course Outline

  • Adobe after effect Introduction
  • Navigating the Interface
  • Creating a Composition & Using the Essential Tools
  • Importing Different types of assets
  • Timeline Workflow 8 Previewing a Timeline
  • Timeline & Key-frame Animation
  • Creating Animations with Multiple Properties
  • Opacity & Short Keys Scaling/Animating Scaling
  • Using Anchor Point 8 Basic Text Animation
  • Rotation & Position animation
  • Graph 8 Graph Editor
  • Blending, Masking 8 Tracing Camera

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