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If you also want to do animation course and want to learn 3D animation then you should join this course and learn how you can do motion graphics work. Especially 3D commercials are made while it’s used a lot within the news field where you see all kinds of 3D graphics, where you see different types of graphics being used within different videos. in which Adobe software is used while in which you use a 3D camera and in addition 3D animation is used both in our country and around the world 3D animation is used for YouTube, social media and videogames. After Effects Course for Beginners

Adobe After Effects Masterclass Course Outline

Module 1: Basic Navigation

  • User Interface
  • Creating a Project and Customising Workspace

Module 2: Using Layers

  • Importing Existing Layers from Photoshop
  • Editing Layer Properties
  • Moving Layers
  • Layer Masking
  • Locking Panels

Module 3: Keyframes

  • Introduction to Keyframes
  • Types Keyframes
  • Keyframe Shortcuts and Graph Editor
  • Adding Keyframes
  • Auto-Keyframe

Module 4: Working with Text

  • Adding Text
  • Text Settings
  • Animating Text and Adding Effects

Module 5: Using Masks

  • What is Masks?
  • Creating Masks
  • Animating Masks
  • Using Chroma-Keying Effects

Module 6: Rendering Your Projects

  • What is Rendering?
  • Render Queue Panel
  • Render Order
  • Using the Render Queue to Export
  • Using Media Encoder

Module 7: Path Animation

  • Writing in a Path
  • Auto Orient to the Path

Module 8: Working with Colours

  • Setting the Depth Colour
  • Modifying Colour Display Setting
  • Choose a Colour Picker

what is 3d animation

what is 3d 3D animation is animation that is created in three dimensions. This animation better presents a close-up of reality, where the viewer feels like they are in a part of reality.

Computer software used to create 3D animation is used for modeling, rendering, and animation production. In modeling, three-dimensional geometric shapes are created and complemented with textures and materials.

In rendering, lighting, color, and material effects are added to make models look more realistic. Then, the models are moved to produce the animation, which is displayed as a moving image.

animation 3D animation is used in movies, TV shows, video games, educational videos, science fiction programs, and commercial projects. It differs from a traditional animation and looks like reality. After Effects Course for Beginners

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