Advanced Email Marketing Course in UK

Email marketing is a type of marketing where you send messages to customers to meet a company’s specific objective. Email marketing is used to promote any type of business products and generate sales and send company announcements etc. to customers. Mail marketing is a good way to get your message across to your customers. Email marketing results in a 35% response rate out of a hundred according to a survey, this marketing method is used at an international level. Advanced Email Marketing Course in UK  Email marketers use software to acquire customers, these tools help you find more customers’ emails in every field you use in marketing. As e-commerce, online marketing and many other types of businesses are very important, you may find our email marketing course beneficial for you. Advanced Email Marketing Course in UK

Advanced Email Marketing Course Outline

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • When is it appropriate?
  • What are the success factors of Email Marketing?
  • Data Protection Act
  • Ensuring you have the permission
  • Planning
  • Applying a timescale
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Does the template make it easy for the customer to access the website?
  • Does it prompt engagement?
  • Knowing the audience
  • Attempting to attract new customers
  • Different emails for several types of customers
  • Having a strategy
  • Reducing the ‘spam factor’
  • Adding images and videos
  • Knowing what the audience wants
  • Making it easy for customers to respond or access the website
  • The importance of a subject
  • Benefits of using Email Analytics
  • Learn more about customers
  • Learn how to improve marketing campaigns

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