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If you want to enhance your photography skills and learn how to truly pop your photos, look no further than the online Adobe Lightroom course. The best part? There are many free options available that provide comprehensive and in-depth training on this powerful photo editing software۔ These courses usually cover everything from basics, such as importing and organizing your photos, creating more advanced techniques such as color correction, retouching, and stunning presets. With step-by-step tutorials, practical exercises, and interactive lessons, you can master the art of post-processing without spending a penny۔ Not only will you learn how to edit your photos like Pro, but you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the software’s tools and features, allowing you to highlight your creativity and take your photography. Will be able to take to new heights. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer، Adobe Lightroom’s online course for free is a great opportunity to enhance your skills and enhance your photos to the next level۔ Adobe Lightroom Course Online Free

Adobe Lightroom Masterclass Course Outline

Module 1: Overview of Photoshop Lightroom

  • Importing
  • Rating and Sorting
  • Develop Module
  • Exporting and Sharing

Module 2: Setup and Preferences

  • Creating and Placing a Catalog
  • Setting Preferences
  • Catalog Settings
  • Personalising Lightroom
  • Notes on Colour Management

Module 3: Importing Photos

  • Import Options
  • Naming Conventions
  • Import Using Presets
  • Using Keywords Upon Import

Module 4: Interface and Workspaces

  • Touring the Lightroom Interface
  • Library View Options

Module 5: Lightroom Library

  • Library Find Options
  • Modify and Display Options and the Filmstrip
  • Creating a Collection
  • Setting the White Balance and Rating Images
  • Adding Keywords and Compare and Survey Views
  • Sorting by Flags and Rating by Colour
  • Using Painter Tool

Module 6: Develop

  • Navigator, Presets, Snapshots, and History
  • Histogram, Basic, Tone Curve, and HSL Options
  • Cropping and Retouching

Module 7: Exporting Options

  • Export as Catalog
  • Exporting for Specialised Web Uses

Module 8: Slideshow

  • Slideshow Options, Layout, and Overlays
  • Backdrop, Playback, and Create New Preset

Module 9: Web

  • Web Image Settings
  • Previewing in a Browser

Module 10: Print

  • Templates and Contact Sheets
  • Page Setup and Print Job Settings
  • Designing a Banner from a Template

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