Adobe Illustrator Tutorials in Urdu – 60+ Videos

We bring you quality and good graphics in which we teach you how you can learn graphics for free. We teach you how you can learn a good graphic. The software we use is called Adobe Illustrator, a software in which we can learn graphics in a modern way, that too for free on our YouTube channel. Adobe Illustrator Tutorials in Urdu – 60+ Videos

Adobe Illustrator is the best way to find your way around a particular piece of software. In which you are explained how you can learn graphs at a professional level. We teach you Adobe Illustrator software from start to finish in a sequence that teaches you everything from the basics to the latest techniques and new features so that you can use Adobe Illustrator at a professional level.

We have developed a complete graphics course with more than hundred videos on which you can learn graphics at home for free and graphics are in high demand all over the world due to which Thousands of people learn graphic design and then get jobs or freelancing while we do our best to teach you good graphic design for free.

The author is the Adobe vector drawing program that has existed for more than 25 years (remember a quarter of a century ago, which means that it was already working in 1989) was a clear reference in the design industry.

With Adobe Photoshop, form the basis of your current Creative Cloud (as well as its Creative Suite before), being a very versatile program, as we will see in this entry, Adobe Illustrator: What it is and What is it for?

Adobe Illustrator is a computer application dedicated to the design of vector drawings and graphic elements for almost any type of media and device, whether in editorial design, professional drawing, web layout, mobile graphics, web interface, or cinematographic design. Able to be used. Adobe Illustrator Tutorials in Urdu – 60+ Videos

To explain what a vector or vector drawing means, without resorting to a math-based explanation (which would be long and tedious) we’re going to quickly and basically explain that digital drawing and image manipulation. What are the basics of

Within what we might call a digital image, there are two distinct types: vectorized images and bitmaps (or bitmaps).

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Outline

  • Explore the different types of documents you can create in Illustrator for print or web.
  • Understand the fundamentals of CMYK and RGB colors and when to use each.
  • Create, scale and manipulate shapes.
  • Add color with fill and stroke, and apply linear and radial gradients.
  • How to use the Pen tool and Curvature tools to create shapes.
  • Work with preset brushes and create your own custom brushes.
  • Create basic paths which can be used to trace an image.
  • Add text and adjust its size, style and formatting.
  • Distort shapes and type, and add perspective with the Free Transform tool.
  • Blend lines or shapes gradually with the Blend tool.
  • Merge shapes with the Pathfinder and Shape Builder tools.
  • How to use masks on shapes or text, and opacity masks for gradients and highlights.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials in Urdu – 60+ Videos

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