Adobe Illustrator Course with Certificate

If you want to expand your graphic design skills or pursue a career in digital design, taking an Adobe Illustrator course with a certificate can be a game changer. Adobe Illustrator is a powerful software used by professionals to create stunning vector graphics for various purposes, including logos, illustrations and artwork۔ By enrolling in the Adobe Illustrator course, you’ll gain comprehensive knowledge of software features, tools, and techniques. These courses often cover topics such as creating and manipulating shapes, working with typography, applying colors and gradients, and mastering essential design principles۔ Best of all, many courses come with a certificate upon completion, which can serve as a valuable addition to your resume or portfolio, showcasing your expertise in Adobe Illustrator. are Whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer، Investing in the Adobe Illustrator course with certificates can open the door to a world of creative opportunities and professional development. Adobe Illustrator Course with Certificate

Adobe Illustrator Masterclass Outline

Module 1: Selection and Drawing Tools

  • Drawing and Editing Basic Shapes
  • Creating Paths Using the Pen and Pencil Tools
  • Using Brushes
  • Using the Pathfinder Tool
  • Selection Tools
  • Isolation Mode
  • Using Live Trace

Module 2: Using Colour

  • Applying Stroke and Fill Colours
  • RGB, CMYK, and Pantone Colours
  • ‘Live Colour’ Panel
  • Gradients and Blends
  • Saving and Importing Colours
  • Using Live Paint

Module 3: Working with Text

  • Typing Directly onto the Page
  • Importing Text from a Text File
  • Setting Text Attributes
  • Wrapping Text

Module 4: Working with Images

  • Wrapping Text
  • Choosing Whether to Link or Embed Images
  • Working with Clipping Paths
  • Editing Image Colors and Appearance
  • Using ‘Live Trace’ to Create Vector Art from Photographs

Module 5: Effects and the Appearance Panel

  • Using Effects and Appearances
    • Introduction to Effects
    • Apply an Effect
    • Modify or Delete an Effect
    • Appearance Panel Overview
    • Turning an Attribute On or Off for a Selected Object
    • Removing a Fill or Stroke from an Object
  • Creating and Using Graphic Styles
    • Introduction to Graphic Styles
    • Create a Graphic Styles
    • Work with Graphic Styles

Module 6: Working with Layers

  • Creating Layers​
  • Hiding Layers​
  • Moving Items Between Layers

Module 7: Documents

  • Creating and Using Graphic Styles
  • Managing Artboards
  • Rulers, Grids, and Guides
  • Exploring Artwork for Photoshop or InDesign
  • Using the Info Panel and Transform Panel
  • Moving, Aligning, and Grouping Objects
  • Using Envelope Distortions
  • Creating and Editing Symbols
  • Creating 3D Objects
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

What is adobe illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful and versatile software program used by graphic designers, illustrators and artists to create stunning and professional artwork. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications and is widely considered as an industrial standard for vector-based design. Unlike Photoshop، Which is primarily used for editing and manipulating raster images, Illustrator focuses on creating and manipulating scalable vector graphics; this means that the artwork created in Illustrator can be topped or lowered without losing any image quality; with its wide range of tools and features، Illustrator allows users to create everything from logos and icons to illustrations and typography. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, Adobe Illustrator offers endless possibilities to highlight your creativity and bring your ideas to life۔

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