Adobe After Effect Course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad

we are bringing you a professional course, adobe after effect . It is related to video editing, but actually it is motion graphics software, and 3D animation software is often used to watch commercials, etc., or watch some video graphics or visual effects, and then all that work is done on the aftereffects. Within the act that a software is used, the very large adapter company calls it the adapter effect within which all these animations are taught to you, and Up After Fact is a digital animation software that works for visual effects and motion graphics with someone taking it to the next level of filmmaking or editing. This allows the scene to convert the video to new content, such as logo tests, and insert various frames of the adapter facts in real terms. 3D animation works with various cameras inside that can be upgraded to different directions and digitally to a digital print medium. Adobe After Effect Course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad

Adobe After Effects Course Outline

Module 1: Basic Navigation

  • User Interface
  • Creating a Project and Customising Workspace

Module 2: Using Layers

  • Importing Existing Layers from Photoshop
  • Editing Layer Properties
  • Moving Layers
  • Layer Masking
  • Locking Panels

Module 3: Keyframes

  • Introduction to Keyframes
  • Types Keyframes
  • Keyframe Shortcuts and Graph Editor
  • Adding Keyframes
  • Auto-Keyframe

Module 4: Working with Text

  • Adding Text
  • Text Settings
  • Animating Text and Adding Effects

Module 5: Using Masks

  • What is Masks?
  • Creating Masks
  • Animating Masks
  • Using Chroma-Keying Effects

Module 6: Rendering Your Projects

  • What is Rendering?
  • Render Queue Panel
  • Render Order
  • Using the Render Queue to Export
  • Using Media Encoder

Module 7: Path Animation

  • Writing in a Path
  • Auto Orient to the Path

Module 8: Working with Colours

  • Setting the Depth Colour
  • Modifying Colour Display Setting
  • Choose a Colour Picker

Module 9: Working with 3D

  • Understanding 3D
  • 3D Layers
  • 3D Axis
  • Lights and Cameras

Works for, i.e., is widely used in the television industry and has special importance, especially for TV commercials, as an alternative to adobe after effect. There are different software like Filmora, etc., but they don’t have as many editions or as many advanced-level futures as it has in it from tracking. There is an operating system from Motion to 3D cameras; it has various film titles and modern elements such as rain and smoke or present If you want to give the correct color, you can give it inside, where most of it is used as 3D animations. It is modern software of today’s modern era with international level, and there are a lot of demands on the media, so we are starting this course for you. This course takes one and a half to two months. You can do it online and physically. You can also take training. If you also want to do such good courses that give training at a professional level, then you can join our institution. Adobe After Effect Course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad

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