3D Character Modeling Course

We are bringing you a new 3D modeling course which is in demand all over the world. Millions of people make and model cartoons, including designs for 3D movies, commercials, and video games. It uses different types of software. It depends on the modeling and whether you are trying to create something new. So this course can be very beneficial for you. 3d character modeling course We took a course on 3D modeling in Maya software where you will learn at a professional level how to create and animate any model.

We train you on the latest software so that you can understand today’s modeling and design and create your own cartoon and animate it while this company has never done it before. It has been providing software training for 5 years so get admission today and learn 3D modeling that too at a reasonable price. 3d character modeling course

3D Character Modeling Course Outline

  • Overview of 3D Character Design
  • Base Mesh Creation
  • Base Body Design
  • Head and Hand Design
  • Head and Hand Sculpting
  • Costume and Armor Design
  • Hard Surface Modeling
  • Detailing Costume and Armor Elements
  • UV Layout
  • ZBrush Poly Painting 01: Texturing the Head
  • ZBrush Poly Painting 02: Costume and Armor Texturing
  • ZBrush Rendering and Presentation

3D Character Modeling Course for more information

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